This App gives you Rewards for Driving Safe – TrypScore

This App gives you Rewards for Driving Safe – TrypScore


I have always been a careful driver, but thinking about it, I never got any kind of incentive for being safe. Yes, I avoid getting tickets for speeding or being hit with a high insurance premium due to an accident, but I don’t get any real rewards for being a responsible driver, that’s until now. With the app TrypScore you can earn rewards for just being a safe driver.

The aim of TrypoScore is to help with the zero deaths from vehicle collisions by 2050 intiated by the World Health Organisation plan, ‘Vision Zero’. Receiving rewards for what you do daily is a bonus. Scores are based on your speed, braking, acceleration and overall steadiness on the road. The higher you score the more rewards you can earn and you can get entered into different contest. You can earn more as well by driving to locations call Pyns. Within the app, you can see a daily summary of Pyns available, XP earned and contest entered. You get the chance to win free vehicle payments for a year and insurance and fuel paid for. There are also rewards of gift cards that range from $100 to $500. When you are not driving you can earn more with daily challenges.

TrypoScore uses different algorithms and technology to analyze yor driving when you get behind the wheel. Help minimise the number of casualties in vehicle collisions and save lives in a fun and rewarding way.


Create a Safe Driver Profile:

– TrypScore runs in the background while you drive

– Drive as you normally would and receive a good score if you are driving safely!

– Your score is given after your trip has ended, just answer if you were the passenger or driver when prompted

Win Rewards & Gift Cards:

– Safe driving can earn you XP and contest entries

– Claim Pyns along your route as you drive when you receive good scores

– Pyns can add up to gift cards, contest entries & exclusive discounts

– Receive rewards for not texting and driving

Contests & Challenges:

– Consecutive trips with good driving scores keep your TrypStreak alive

– Daily Tryvia – answer 5 questions, get a perfect score and win an entry

– Weekly missions allow you to participate & gain rewards even when you don’t drive daily

– Safe driving can land you on leaderboards where you can check your driving versus the world, state, and even between friends & family

The better you drive the more rewards you can get.

Download TrypoScore from the App Store and Google Play and help make the roads safer.


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