The Wonderful World of Mobile Gaming

The Wonderful World of Mobile Gaming



Who would have thought that the mobile ‘phone would evolve into something so much more than a simple communication device. Since the birth of the mobile all those years ago, developers have realised the importance of gaming when it comes to considering the design of their latest models. Long gone are the days of only being able to play Snake and now mobile and tablet users can enjoy a whole range of game apps during their free time. Here we take a look at the different categories of games available and discuss what it is that makes them so appealing.

Get your Brain working!

Where once you may have looked to the Times crossword to clear the cobwebs from your mind, you are more likely to tap on a brain training app to get those cogs turning. Tricky puzzles and problem solving games are increasingly popular with those wanting to increase their brain power and these types of game are also thought to help people who normally have trouble with concentration. These fun games give users a sense of achievement and as most of them have several different levels, increasing in difficulty with each completed level, users have a clear indication of just how much they have improved. The success of brain training apps could also be due to the fact that you can do them almost anywhere: during your daily commute, waiting for the kettle to boil or during the commercial break of your favourite soap. The telegraph have compiled a list of the best brain training apps, so why not take a look here and get your brain in tip top condition

Cashing in With Casino Apps

Not everyone can afford to take off to Vegas, nor does everyone have the time to frequent their local casino, which is why online gaming apps are becoming more and more popular with mobile and tablet users. As well as being able to participate in exciting casino games from the comfort of your own home, you can also take advantage of all the wonderfully enticing special offers that are available on sites such as Betway Casino, where you can get a bonus when you start playing these apps. The convenience provided by having a casino themed app is one of the elements that has made this type of app so popular and it is also a great way to prepare for the real thing if you are planning a night out at a casino or a big trip away to Las Vegas.

A Playground for the Imagination

Adventure game apps present a brilliant way to escape reality and become immersed in a fantasy world of your choosing. These types of games provide a narrative that other games can’t supply and give you the chance to feel like a hero for as long as you play them. Besides being incredibly enjoyable, adventure game apps promote certain skills like swift reactions and mental agility, giving you even more reasons to download these kinds of games. There is also an assortment of genres to choose from including detective adventures, Sci-Fi games and apps based on your favourite programmes and films such as Walking Dead and Back to the Future. These types of apps are escapism at its best and are worth a go if you love the idea of becoming a completely different character, albeit online.