The Technology Behind Solar Energy and How to Choose the Right One

The Technology Behind Solar Energy and How to Choose the Right One


There are various steps involved when it comes to installing a solar energy system for your home, and some of these steps include deciding on the size of solar energy system you need as well as what kinds of components you will require for a good and efficient system. You also need to think about your budget, of course, but this is now made a lot easier by the federal government through its scheme which lets you take advantage of Small Technology Certificates, or STCs, thereby allowing you to get a significant discount for your solar installation.

But all these considerations aside, there’s still another consideration which can have an impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your solar energy system: the installer. Choosing the right solar energy installer is a big deal, and the decision is made a bit harder because there are lots of them. If you want to be sure of your choice of the installer.

A good process

A good installer should be transparent and open when it comes to the products that are installed as well as their business processes. The installer should help you with whatever questions you have, and they should give you the information you need to make a fully informed decision. Be wary of installers who only seem to care about selling you a large system rather than a system which is suitable for your household; they may just be out to make money and not care about the best system for you.


It also pays to look for a solar energy system installer (such as a solar installer in Brisbane like Pedleys Solar) which can provide you with professionalism at every turn. This means being organised with their processes and with their customer support. If they present you with a quote, it should be clear and professional, displaying everything you need to know regarding the cost of the installation as well as the specs of all the components that will make up your solar energy system. Once you sign up with them, you should be presented with a written document and invoice as well as instructions on the next steps.

A thorough installation

A good solar energy installer will, of course, provide you with a professional installation from start to finish. They should, for example, turn up promptly for meetings or at least let you know if they will not make it on time. Also, they should not be hesitant about discussing important details, such as the solar panels’ location, the inverter’s location, and so on. Once the installation is complete, they should be able to show you what they did and teach you how the system (including the inverter) works. They should also be able to explain the output or production of your system based on different factors.

Finding the right installer can make a world of difference on how efficient your solar energy installation could be – so it’s worth taking the time to look around and do your research; it’s an investment for your present and future, after all.


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