Tengi: Free Chatting For Free Cash

Tengi: Free Chatting For Free Cash



Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for something you enjoy? I’m not even talking about work per se. I’m talking about getting paid for leisure. Most of us dream about the type of job that we relish going to, where it doesn’t seem like work at all. Few of us ever make it there unfortunately, and even fewer of us make it to a place where we can get paid for something that doesn’t even resemble a career. Well, a new app called Tengi is dead set on changing that for a few select people. Tengi offers a unique, ingenious twist on the traditional messaging app; it’s out now on iOS and Android and is poised to go global.

‘How can it do that?’, you’re no doubt asking yourselves. How can a free app afford to give away free money? Well, it can afford to very simply. Advertising is a big moneymaker in the online world; as we move away from the traditional television commercial (seriously, who puts up with those in this day and age?), advertisers have to incorporate their trade into the most popular current medium; in this case, apps. Tengi throws a few ads into its app, get’s paid; and then give its users 50% of that revenue back in the form of weekly prize draws.

The amount users can win in these draws varies from £5 to an unbelievable £10,000, with a few Amazon vouchers thrown in there for good measure. The catch? Nothing. There is no catch. Tengi is a completely free app with no hidden costs whatsoever, and no, they won’t sell your data on to any third parties. It’s just a genius little strategy to get people to use the app, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s working; this week, the app launches globally, giving users in the U.S. and India, two HUGE markets, the opportunity to take part in the weekly prize draws. If that goes well, and no doubt it will, you can expect to see Tengi make a big splash internationally very soon.

And all this is before we get on to the app itself, which is a joy to use. It’s very similar to WhatsApp, and comes with all the features you’d expect from a contemporary messaging service; you can form groups, send text, videos and photos, and see when your messages have been delivered and read. It’s a smooth, intuitive interface that you’ll have no trouble navigating if you’ve ever used something similar. Cast off WhatsApp, no free money there, and don’t waste another second with Tengi in your life.

Visit the App Store or Google Play and get chatting and winning for free today!


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