Tadaa – HD Pro Camera: A Serious Instagram Competitor?

Tadaa – HD Pro Camera: A Serious Instagram Competitor?


Tadaa - HD Pro Camera iPhone App Review

Developers Menschmaschine have taken all the elements of your favourite photo editing apps and combined them all in one nifty package.

Tadaa – HD Camera Pro is just what every ColorSplash-ing, HDR-loving, Instagrammer needs on their iDevice. And if that sentence makes perfect sense to you, the next thing I tell you will make you wet your pants…IT’S FREE!

Features include the usual brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments, along with HD clarity (giving you that HDR effect), tilt-shift, and a whole host of frames and filters. You can take photos directing from the app, or import ones from your photo library/stream. There is also a selection of preset crop sizes as well as the ability to manually move, rotate and scale.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tadaa has added a ColorSplash-esque feature, enabling you to select certain parts of the photo and colour it, blur it, add a new filter to it, and do pretty much whatever you want! In fact, this feature alone is better than the whole ColorSplash app, which is a lot more restricting.

As well as photo editing, Tadaa aims to take on Instagram itself with its social networking feature – which is ultimately what the main purpose of the app is.

It works in a similar way to Instagram, letting you make a profile, follow others, post photos and like other people’s work. What Tadaa does that gives it the potential to take on the most popular photo social network in the world is that it includes all the editing functions mentioned above.


  • Has a ton of features to add to your photos.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Saves quickly in HD.
  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter.


  • Can be a little difficult to navigate.
  • Needs a help section to go through all the features (it does explain everything upon first use, but there is a lot to take in!)
  • A few more explanations to start with too – it says ‘200t’ on my profile and I have no idea what it means.
  • It may be that I haven’t be able to find it, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to search for photos on specific subjects, which I think would be a great addition.

This app is cram-packed with enough features to keep iphonographers extremely happy. If the social networking side was a little easier to navigate, this would be one of the best photo apps I’ve ever seen.