Marlee Signs: Learn American Sign Language with Marlee Matlin!

Marlee Signs: Learn American Sign Language with Marlee Matlin!


Marlee Signs iPhone App Review

It’s fair to say that apps have taken the world by storm! They have transformed the way we play games, communicate, travel……well the list is just endless!

What truly amazes me is when I come across an app that can benefit so many users in a positive and significant way. Marlee Signs is one such app that aids its users to learn American Sign Language with the help and encouragement of Marlee Matlin.
Marlee, an Award Winning Actress, Spokeswomen for the National Captioning Institute and influential member of the National Association for the Deaf, has joined forces with MEDL Mobile to create this incredible app!

The app is a great tool and starting point for anyone wishing to learn American Sign Language, as it teaches alphabet signs, basic vocabulary and common expressions. The high quality video demonstrations feature Marlee Matlin performing the signs, which is truly encouraging from such a positive role model. Users have the freedom to practice at their own pace, as each lesson is clearly segmented into individual videos. The slow motion setting is a great feature, enabling users to watch any video in greater detail. The ‘Spell’ section is also a real benefit to users, as they can tailor the app to meet their individual needs. Users can type in any word and Marlee will simply spell it out for you. It’s just like having an award winning actress by your side, offering a helping hand! The app also provides in-app purchases of useful lessons packs, which will extend your knowledge and acquisition of American Sign Language. Marlee Signs is easy to navigate and use and serves its purpose exceedingly well!

Marlee Signs is a great app for raising awareness of American Sign Language, promotes inclusion and helps others learn. It gets a big thumbs up from us here at FanAppic!