Spring has sprung in the brand new Easter-themed update for Rayman Adventures

Spring has sprung in the brand new Easter-themed update for Rayman Adventures



Spring is finally upon us, which as everyone knows means it’s time to celebrate Easter in as many chocolatey ways as you can think of.

And it’s the same in Rayman Adventures, which has been updated with a whole load of new content specifically designed for this sweetest of holidays.

The Rabbids have invaded every level in the game, and they’ve scattered secret Easter eggs around. Grab the eggs and you’ll be able to bag yourself some sweet new treats.


There’s a brand new costume for Teensy that turns him into Rabbiteen, as well as a chocolate-themed family of Incrediballs for you to collect.

It’s not just sweets and costumes though. The update also brings with it a couple of new additions that make Rayman Adventures an even more enticing prospect for players.

First up the game now supports Gamepads. That’s right, you can now work your way through the game with your favourite controller.

If you’ve not heard of Rayman Adventures before, it’s a gorgeous platformer that sees you pelting through a whole host of levels and challenges. You’ve got to build up a strong team of Incrediballs and use their powers if you want to complete everything though.

The update is live right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store, and if you needed any more of an excuse to celebrate Easter, we reckon this is a pretty good bet.

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