IronWire: The Apple Cable That Can Pull A Car

IronWire: The Apple Cable That Can Pull A Car



Have you ever heard of a cable that can pull a car? Or one that can go toe-to-toe with a World Powerlifting Champion? No? Me neither. But that’s exactly what the clever folks at British-based tech startup Echo have produced. Their IronWire cable is billed as the strongest cable you can find for iPhone, Android and Macbook, and Echo have backed up this claim by demonstrating that it can, in fact, pull a car and can, in fact, compete with a world class weightlifter. Due to popular demand, they’ve run not one but two separate crowd-funding campaigns, one of which is currently active. Th IronWire could become a major staple in the tech world in the months to come, and based on the evidence, it’s easy to see why.

Cables are always breaking, and it’s a universally acknowledged truth that the Apple-branded cables that come with their hardware are not as strong as they could be. Some of this could be attributed to rough usage; they’re forever being yanked out of smartphones and shoved into sockets. But they really should last longer than they do. This is the main issue that the IronWire cables address, with the fact that they’re strong enough to pull a car providing ample evidence that these things aren’t going to break on you anytime soon. To back that up, each cable comes with a lifetime guarantee. We’ll let you decide if the fact that this cable will probably outlive you is something to be celebrated or depressingly acknowledged.

Echo initially ran their first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with phenomenal success; there was clearly a demand for the product, and the team ended up raising more than $151,000, almost 200% of what they originally asked for. That was late last year, and since then, the team has expanded their range and set off on a new crowdfunding journey, this time on Kickstarter. While the original Indiegogo campaign was strictly for the USB to iPhone port cable, Echo have expanded their range for the new year, and plan to introduce several variants, featuring compatibility with iPhone, Android and the new Macbook, working from USB, Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning connectivity.

These cables will come as a lifesaver for many, and if you’re sick of flimsy cables constantly disintegrating on you, then these cables are a sure bet. They really are as strong as they claim, and have been verified by all the right sources, including Apple themselves, as well as coming with a lifetime guarantee.

You can check out the new IronWire Kickstarter here!