6 Apps to Help Students Get Through College

6 Apps to Help Students Get Through College


collegeCollege is no easy time for many students. Trying to balance the challenge of school with the freedom and desire to party can sometimes be too much for many people. Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where we now have ways to better manage our personal and professional lives. Here are 6 of the best iPhone apps to help students get through college.

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Voted the “Best College Student App of 2011” iStudiez provides a digital hub for your entire schedule, grades, and assignments . It can be synced across all platforms (iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc.). This application allows you to update your schedule with the press of a button and set it up to provide you with constant reminders. Even though you may not be able to keep your dorm room organized, at least your schedule will be.

Deal Drop

Most college students are relatively strapped for cash. Luckily, there is an application that can help students find products they need at prices they can afford. The Deal Drop app allows students to find the best deals on products near their school. From food and drinks to electronics, there is something for every student.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Modern day students are dependent on the internet for almost all areas of school. Whether it is an online course, researching an article, collaborating for projects, or communicating with instructors; fast and clear internet is an integral part of the college experience. The Free Wi-Fi Finder application will help you always stay connected to the internet by locating free Wi-Fi hotspots located in your area.


The inClass application has revolutionized the way college students participate in the classroom. The capabilities of this app allows for most of the work in the classroom to be digitized through your iPhone. You can record audio, take photo or textual notes, and you can even record PowerPoint slides or handouts. By completely modernizing the way students interact with lectures, inClass is a must have in the college classroom.

Amazon Student

As a college student you are inherently going to have to purchase textbooks. Most people do not anticipate the actual costs that are incurred in purchasing books for school. The Amazon Student application will simplify this process while also saving you money. Purchasing a textbook at the school’s bookstore is usually not the best option, here are some of the benefits to using the Amazon Student app:

  • Take a photo of the book’s barcode and it where show you the cheapest place to find it
  • Sell your used books to other students and perpetuate the savings cycle
  • Trade your old books to Amazon in exchange for gift cards


The Evernote application is great for any student looking to organize their notes. You will be able to stay organized, improve productivity, and save ideas in one easy to use app. You can even create to-do lists or store webpages that can be used for projects or reports. The Evernote application works across all platforms, which allows you to access your account anywhere.

Technology has streamlined the college experience. Students can now manage every area of their life through different applications. From studying and note taking to purchasing discounted supplies, a college has never been easier to get through. What are any other apps that you have used to help you through college?

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