Shaftesbury Takes The Stress Out Of Finding A London Hotel

Shaftesbury Takes The Stress Out Of Finding A London Hotel


If you’re anything like me, doing comprehensive backgrounds checks on a long list of hotels like your life depends on it, goes as standard when booking somewhere to stay on a long needed getaway. Scouring travel advisors one after another until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Shaftesbury was clearly aware of people’s travel routines when designing their app. If you’re searching for a three of four-star hotel in the heart of London, this app deserves your time.

It’s immediately apparent upon clicking on the app that a professional and user friendly experience was the key focus. A crisp layout compliments the information on screen. From a few elegant pages – navigating to each via equally impressive yet modest animations – provides a host of info and services for each of the many hotels. For almost two decades, Shaftesbury has been taking underperforming properties and converting them into some of the finest establishments in the English capital. And there’s no better way to see the fruit of their labors than through this app.


Clicking the navigation icon from any of the pages will conveniently reduce the size of the window you’re on and move it to one side. This then brings up a range of options to browse: from modifying an existing booking, discovering the rooms and suites available, or even exploring the bars and restaurants. Or if you need to get back to where you were, just click on the minimized window. It’s a sleek design, making full use of your phone’s screen, avoiding oh-so-common cluttered overlays.

The ability to make a new reservation is displayed front and center. The home screen welcomes you with a beautifully arranged slideshow of their varying rooms, as well as providing instant access to scroll through a number of their luxurious properties. Select the check in/out dates, and the amount of rooms/guests, while comparing prices to tailor the experience to your exact specifications.

The Shaftesbury’s truly comprehensive app also allows you to keep up to date with any special offers, as well as providing a gallery of high resolution images showcasing their many hotels and the surrounding areas. The attention to detail cannot be understated. Whether you’re looking for a three-star hotel like the London Premier Kensington, or four-star such as The Metropolis near Hyde Park, the Shaftesbury app is a delight to use through and through – an invaluable companion to your stay.

Pop over to the App Store or Google Play to get the Shaftesbury app today for free.


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