Park Grand App Provides Travellers With Boutique London Hotel

Park Grand App Provides Travellers With Boutique London Hotel


It’s all too common for hotel chains to push their potential visitors towards their app, which more often than not comes equipped with a less than stellar user experience. Park Grand’s companion app breaks the mold in this regard, with production values that echo the numerous four-star London properties they possess. From Edwardian edifices to modern flair, from Heathrow all the way to the West End, this app is all you’ll need to make your stay with the Park Grand as effortless as possible.

“It’s boutique… it’s unique” is the Park Grand’s operating slogan, and regardless of their hotels, the app certainly conforms to this mantra. The home screen greets you with a stunning display of images from an assortment of rooms and suites on offer. The simple yet effective layout allows you to browse any one of their hotels, booking the number of rooms you desire, while comparing prices as you choose the exact stay you want. It’s a seamless process, complimented by quick, sleek transitions.

A professional and accessible user interface was clearly the goal with the Park Grand app, and they’ve succeeded in spades. Clicking on the navigation icon reduces the size of the window you’re currently on, moving it to one side as it continues to run in the background. This allows you to move through the app without having to stare at awkward overlays or unattractive dedicated menus. There are a myriad of options available too: modifying an existing booking, browsing the various rooms and suites, even detailed information on the bars and restaurants located on-site.

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The Park Grand app is comprehensive to say the least. Its attention to detail and quality shine through, providing everything you’d expect from a hotel app, and so much more. There’s even a dedicated gallery with a collection of high resolution images showing off both the interiors and exteriors of the many luxurious hotels under their umbrella. Furthermore, Park Grand provides its potential customers with dedicated sections focused on hotel packages, as well as special offers. It’s clear they care about your stay as much as you do.

Hotel companion apps can often be more trouble than what they’re worth; providing relatively little information within a cumbersome user experience, requiring hotel seekers to bounce from one travel advisor site to another. The Park Grand app bucks this trend, with a smooth and reliable app that provides all the information and services you’ll need to assure your stay is utterly painless.

Head over to the App Store to get the Park Grand hotel app today to download it for free; or hit up Google Play!


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