Press Release: Alphabetty’s ABCs (includes promotion code)

Press Release: Alphabetty’s ABCs (includes promotion code)


AlphaBetty is the cute and brainy Owl guiding you through the alphabet using fun illustrations of animals, reptiles, fish and birds. Teach kids the fundamentals of learning how to read, by teaching them to identify the letters each creature starts with. AlphaBetty’s gentle rhymes keep the child’s attention and she pops up, encouraging her students to let them know how great they are doing!

Interesting fun facts: Fun facts accompany each animal. There are lots of facts per card for maximizing the child’s learning, teaching them interesting unknown facts about different animals.
Learn the animal’s specific body parts: Simply touch any part on their body.
Different experiences every time: AlphaBetty’s ABCs uses two sided cards so you can start the card from either the image or the letter side and you get two different experiences with the same deck of cards.
One shake and you’ll go from an “A for Alpaca to V is for Vulture:”Mix things up! When you shake the iPhone|iPad|iTouch, it’s like shuffling a deck of cards in real life, giving you a new experience every time! Your child will love how they can control a new letter by swiping or shaking.
“Find the Twin” Memory game: Challenge your child’s memory with this proven favorite.
SPECIAL BONUS: “How to Draw the Animals: In addition to ALL the features packed into the flash cards; a special bonus of step-by-step drawing videos are included. Teaching the young learner how to draw the animals see in the AlphaBetty’s ABCs app will be an amazing asset for the aspiring artists. You will not find this feature with any other app like Alphabetty’s.

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Please use this promo code: 7W6NKNTLYEA6


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