Potential Obstacles When Asking for Compensation for Getting Burns by Work Computer...

Potential Obstacles When Asking for Compensation for Getting Burns by Work Computer or Tech


Recovery after suffering from burns at work is not easy. The physical pain will not just go away even if you want it to. Even if it does, you will still suffer from long-term trauma because of what happened. You might not even get back to your work as you used to since a part of your body has been seriously injured.

Hence, it is understandable for you to file a burn at work compensation case. You were doing your job when the accident happened. This problem is supposed to be the responsibility of the employer. You will spend a lot of money in the process, and you need help as much as possible.

This whole process won’t be an easy journey though. You will suffer from several stumbling blocks. You must try to foresee what will happen, so you can prepare.

A legal challenge from the employer

The moment you state an amount for burn claims, expect your employer to go against it and reject the claim. Worse, a legal battle will be put up. You might easily get intimidated since your employer will most likely have a strong legal team. They will do everything to prove that the employer has not done anything wrong. It can even be turned around so that the court will view you as someone who has inflicted the suffering on yourself, so you won’t get the claim that you were asking for.

You could lose your job

You are going against your employer, so you will most likely lose your job. Besides, if you were seriously injured, you might not be able to perform your previous duties well, so they won’t find any reason to keep you. Losing your job is another challenge considering that you have to look for a new source of income and it is not easy under these current economic conditions.

There could be issues due to technicalities

You might have indisputable evidence that you got hurt while doing the job. Despite that, your case could still end up getting dismissed due to technicalities. For instance, if your employer has a policy of reporting accidents the same day, and you didn’t, they could use this against you. Also, if you were asked to follow a specific protocol before using the equipment that caused the burns, and you didn’t, they will show that you were at fault, so you don’t deserve the compensation.

All these challenges are not easy to overcome. You might even give up out of fear and intimidation. Before doing so, you have to remember that there are a lot of great lawyers out there who defend people in this kind of legal battle. Make sure that you seek help and do not just give up immediately. You deserve to give it a shot. You will go through more challenges along the way, so you better keep pushing. You are on the side of truth, so there is nothing to be worried about.


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