PENNYTALK –Talk to anyone, for pennies at a time!

PENNYTALK –Talk to anyone, for pennies at a time!


penny-talk-iphone-app-cheap-callsApp released 4th June 2010, developed by IDT, Free!

Slash your international call prices with this great app that offers some of the best rates around, all from your iPhone! From as little as 1p per minute you can make calls to both landlines and mobiles around the world.

Sometimes keeping in touch with loved ones in other countries can be expensive but PennyTalk allows users to call for rock-bottom rates by transferring your call through their company. Paired with the network IDT their service is worldwide and the rates are shown clearly on the app, or on the PennyTalk website. By setting up a credit or debit card you top-up your account, then after selecting what country you want to call, PennyTalk shows how many minutes you will be able to chat for.

PennyTalk syncs up with your existing contacts for easy, quick calling.

The service works on both 3G and Wifi although I’ve found when using 3G occasionally the connection can become weak, and once or twice I have been disconnected. However this happens no more often than when using your regular network to cal other countries, and when phoning whilst connected to a Wifi router the connection is clear and stable.

“But why not just Skype?” I hear you scream. Well… Skype is obviously cheaper and if everyone had an iPhone it would be perfect. But the fact is they don’t and with this free app you can easily call any landline or mobile, with some countries being next to nothing.

The layout of the app is simple enough and a useful feature is how the app automatically syncs up with your contacts, making is easy to call any number already stored on your phone. Although the app is free there is a service charge of 0.79p per month the app is active but other than this there are no other contracts, catches or hidden costs. PennyTalk even throw in a £1 free credit to get you started. Although it isn’t much I added a £1 and it allowed me to speak to a mobile in Spain for 20 minutes!

All in all a good useful app, and if you, like I, have recently had a dear friend move abroad, you will be sure to save some money, making it much easier to find the time to talk.


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