PDF Reader Pro for Convenient PDF Handling

PDF Reader Pro for Convenient PDF Handling


PDF Reader Pro iPhone App Review

PDF format is very popular for transmission of documents for business or personal use. However, handling PDFs on your mobile devices won’t be an easy task. Let me review a PDF handling app that could help you in this.

The PDF Reader Pro allows the user to read, download, edit and create PDF’s on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The general file structure of this app is uncomplicated to use, well laid out, simply designed and easy to navigate. Extra folders can also be added to keep all your files separated and organized. It provides direct access to your iCloud and can import easily from your photo albums. All these features are excellent for anyone who does business on the move.

It has a broad range of editing features to let you edit documents in a variety of ways including annotations, highlighting and the ability to change the look of a document; brightness, sharpness etc. Zooming is easy and allows for up close studying of any PDF. It includes a zip function that helps in keeping the file sizes small and preventing your memory from getting clogged up.

The security option on the private PDF folder is a handy addition as it means any sensitive or confidential information remains safe making it perfect for counselors, doctors or anyone who needs to carry someone’s personal details around. The in-app search facility lets you search for words or phrases in all folders and not just the folder you are in at the time. This optimizes the app for fast and efficient use.

The help pages in this app are really good for those who are unsure how to use this app or are looking for instructions on how to use a specific feature. It is clear, easy to read and understand. It gives the app a friendly feel and removes any confusion from using what at first may seem like a complicated application.

On the other side, the ‘Scan Page’ facility is limited in that it cannot differentiate between text and images and the reordering of scanned pages is impossible; meaning that should you be scanning a document and miss out page five, but only realize on page seven, then you will have to delete the last two pages to scan page five into it’s proper place. Despite this, the scan feature is fast, easy to use and allows you to make PDFs of anything as well as being perfect for professional or personal use.

All in all, PDF Reader Pro can impress users who do business on the move, want to make PDFs quickly and want easy and quick sharing and transferring. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later.

About the author: Steve August writes iPhone app reviews and features for AlphaDigits. This site also publishes Android app reviews.


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