Phiaton: Noise Cancelling Earphones Are The Real Deal

Phiaton: Noise Cancelling Earphones Are The Real Deal



Living in the centre of the city and being a music fan can be a blessing and a curse; it’s fantastic for seeing live bands and getting to go to the best clubs that host fantastic DJs whenever you feel like it, but if you’re strolling about in the day and want to listen to some tunes on your headphones, the sound of traffic, children screaming and cries of, “Watch where your going!” can pierce your musical cocoon.

Enter Phiaton’s latest product, the PS 210 BTNC headphones that block out 95% of ambient noise, allowing your to focus on the music rather than what any other pedestrian may be yelling at you. I checked a pair of these headphones out and I can guarantee that they really work; being able to flick between listening to music and taking calls and have both noises completely envelope your senses is a cool touch, (although this may depend on who you are taking a call from…)

Phiaton EarPhones
A weird and wonderful design.

The sleek white design is impressive and it has a clip-on volume control and microphone that can attach to your shirt or collar whilst on the go. The actual design of the ear bud is intriguing in itself, as half of the headphone slots into your ear and the other half rests on the outside, presumably adding to the noise cancellation as well as offering added comfort. When you do take a call, the headphones have a special ‘Echo-Off’ noise reduction technology that pretty much eliminates most background noise from the microphone, meaning that your conversation is totally clear.

These headphones are not cheap, but well worth it if you can afford the expenditure; just make sure that you don’t walk into any lampposts when you wear them…

Available at: Amazon, BestBuy, NewEgg (in June)
Price: $159


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