New iPad educational app for children explores the planet Earth in five languages


    Discovering our planet Earth and the amazing cosmos beyond just got a whole lot more fun thanks to a new interactive iPad educational app: Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders. This delightful and original story is written with scientifically accurate language and beautifully illustrated throughout. New technology means you can read and play the book, learning about our Earth and the incredible people and animals who live here. And you get all this in five different languages that you can choose from.

    What do you get when you mix a pair of adventurous twins, a mischievous cat and a globe with magic powers? A whole lot of fun with Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders! This iPad educational app lets us join the twins Alice and Andy and their cat Jo on an unforgettable journey around the world. Using a magic globe and the special words “really wish”, follow them as they explore above and below the Earth, meeting lots of new friends on the way.

    Read, listen, play and learn about our planet with this original and interactive iPad app. It is both a multidisciplinary learning tool involving geography, natural sciences and languages, and entertainment to be cherished by all those who experience the story.

    Mariana Barrosa, co-author, says: “this enthralling tale will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. We have big plans for Alice, Andy and Jo as this book — The Planet Earth — is the first in a series to be collected and treasured.”

    The Planet Earth is the first app in a series that will see the twins and their cat explore interesting places in the far reaches of the Universe.

    Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders: the Planet Earth features:

    •    Original story, illustrations and music;
    •    Interactive elements;
    •    Text and narration in five languages you can choose from while you are reading (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese);
    •    Music produced by Moullinex.

    Andre Roquette, responsible for the beautiful illustrations says: “Alice, Andy and Jo live in a larger-than-life Universe, so it was a key aim for us to portray that through the images. They’re such fun characters to work with and when you see them animated in the iPad app, it really seems like they’ve come to life!”

    Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders was produced by the award-winning science communication company The Science Office.

    Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders is also available as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBookstore, for the Nook and Reader Store for Sony’s Reader. The hardcover edition is out soon in the main online bookshops.

    Lee Pullen, co-author concludes: “New technology gives us so many opportunities to improve storytelling and education, which are at the core of this project. The interactive elements in this app allow us to take the story and messages to a whole new level.”

    Visit your iTunes Store and follow Alice, Andy and Jo on their adventures and you are sure to be left “really wishing” for more!

    Take a peek here:



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