The Latest News at your Fingertips With SQUID

The Latest News at your Fingertips With SQUID


It’s about time we give up on having at least 5 different news apps on our phones. That’s the amount I have on mine. It’s annoying when I want to read the news I have to go through each of the apps to see what’s going on. However I have come across SQUID which allows me to keep up to date with the latest news and trends from just one app. SQUID, simply put, is a combination of different news sources.

With SQUID you will be able to choose the news topics you are mostly interested in and get the just the news that you want. You can add and remove topics whenever you want. You can also share the interesting news with anyone you want through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, email and text message.

SQUID is pretty much like any news app. The difference is, you won’t have to download a number of apps in-order to keep up to date with the News from not only local and national but also international, so you can easily see whats going on across the world. You get to decide what goes in your news feed, so you are not forced to see news that you have no interest in.

SQUID is free to download and with push notification you will never miss the latest news as they come in. The App is available on AppStore and Google Play.


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