Know Who’s Calling With These Missouri Area Codes

Know Who’s Calling With These Missouri Area Codes


Missouri is known as the Show Me State and has some of the most iconic American imagery in the country. Visitors to this great state get to see The Gateway Arch in St. Louis and grab a Budweiser before catching a Cardinals game. Driving through the state, you can see fields of wheat and corn, cared for by hardworking Americans who take pride in the land. While the people of Missouri are welcoming and often help each other in their communities, there is one thing that sets them apart from each other: their area codes.

Missouri has six area codes, with the first three coming into existence before 1951 and the most recent three surfacing in the mid to late 90s. Missouri area codes fluctuate greatly by size and region. Some cross over the entire state, while others only apply to a few cities. The smallest of these area codes is actually the oldest. Area code 314 covers St. Louis and the surrounding suburbs and has been around since 1947. The only other area code that’s that old is the 816 area code, which covers the northwestern part of the state (like Blue Springs, Independence, and Kansas City). The different area codes mean that you can quickly tell who lives closer to Missouri’s biggest cities and who lives in the middle of the state.

You can learn a lot about where someone comes from by getting their area code. Read the infographic below by CheckThem to learn more about the area codes of Missouri so you can be prepared to identify a caller when they try to reach you.


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