Become The Baddest Frog On The Bog With Helplessly Addictive Online Game...

Become The Baddest Frog On The Bog With Helplessly Addictive Online Game


Few online games stand up to the challenge of mitigating the mind-numbing boredom of the work commute. Many a game has tried – and failed – to keep me entertained on my journey, leaving me to languish, staring out the window at another dull day. That was until came along. is a fun, colorful and delightfully competitive online gaming app from the gaming gods at Jadoku.

If you’re as dangerously competitive as I am, you’ll love the multiplayer aspect of During your quest to becoming the biggest and baddest frog on the bog, you’ll be pitted against hundreds of players from all over the world all vying for that much sought after top spot. Squish other players underfoot to maximise your points and to hear the wholly satisfying squelch as they burst into a glorious green goo.

Your hopeless addiction to will be largely fed by its global, country-wide and friend leaderboards. These leaderboards are updated in real time so you can see yourself hop to the top, or plunge to the bottom depending on how toad-ally awesome your gameplay is. As a newbie, the global leaderboards are a little too daunting for me at the minute so instead I like to enlist all my friends onto the game and create a group leaderboard to compete directly against one another – the loser at the end of the week has to buy everyone pizza!

You’ll find it tough to get bored while playing thanks to its impressive depth and scale. Log in each morning to be bequeathed with your exciting daily quest to get you going. When that’s done you can spend your day hopping your way up the global leaderboard or veering off into one of the many meta-games.

If your game isn’t going as frogtastically fabulous as it should be, you can head to the lobby screen in-game to get tips and tricks on how to hop your way back to the top.

The aesthetic of this game is gorgeous, with hundreds of technicolor froggies hopping about your screen. Twin the beautiful visuals with the soothing audio and you’ve got yourself a multi-sensory delight, perfect for winding you down from a tough day’s work.

If you see an adorable amphibian that you want to get your hands on, you can work your way through the game to collect every available frog, with new ones added all the time! My personal favorites are the fearsome froxic and frolcano froggies!

Hop on over to the Google Play to get your hands on the toad-dally addictive gaming app for free!


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