iPad Release date in the UK 24th April


    Although Apple iPad was officially launched in the US on Saturday 3rd of April, it is predicted that the iPad frenzy and excitement is set to continue for a very long time. So as the folk in the US enjoy their Apple-tastic loveliness we call the iPad, the rest of the world is still waiting in baited breath for an official announcement of a release date for the iPad.

    Previous rumours suggested Apple Store staff had been told not to take the day off on Saturday 24. We also considered the day before, Friday 23 April, as all versions of the iPhone have launched in UK on a Friday. According to CNET Tuesday has been Apple’s traditional launch day for most other products — signalled with trademark contrariness by the Apple Web site going offline for a hype-inducing couple of hours. 26 April, the day the iPad will arrive, according to CNET, is a Monday.

    So far the company has remained tight lipped about the release date, so it can not be verified but having scanned my sources including geeky-gadgets.com, gaj-it.com, and CNET all the rumours point to a date between 24th to 26th April.

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