Having a Second Phone Line

Having a Second Phone Line


Our life is running at breakneck speed and just having a single phone line is no longer enough. It is not reasonable to combine business and personal calls within the same phone number. Instead of sacrificing your sanity and time, it’s better to have a second phone line. With an additional phone line, you can set a proper and clear boundary between the business and personal matters. Alerting customers and suppliers will be much more convenient because your contact list isn’t cluttered with numbers of family members and friends. Based on studies, the average productive work hours are just three hours each day. When you are busy, you may turn off the personal number and family members could only call the business number during an emergency. Of course, you shouldn’t easily give your business number, except for other professionals in the industry. Second-line phone services such as iPlum could add an extra line for your business as needed. All numbers, for business and personal purposes, can be managed from a single account.

On the other hand, spending valuable time with the family is easy if you have a second line. When it’s time to go home, you can turn off the business number, so clients or suppliers can’t call you 24/7. There won’t be awkward calls from overseas numbers late at night or on the weekend. With a dedicated phone number, you can improve your professional appearance in the business world. Your reputation will be enhanced in front of clients and competitors if you have a dedicated business line. There’s nothing more unprofessional than mixing business and personal matters. It would be inappropriate accidentally receiving a call, thinking that it’s from your wife. When your business phone number is ringing, you are ready and can respond professionally. Second-line phone services also provide many features that can enhance your business operations, such as call forwarding, set up call queues and autoresponder. These features will give your small business an impression of a larger, more established company.

With a second line, you can have an extra phone number using the same smartphone device. You may also make International calls using local charges. It would be easy to keep your personal phone number protected, to ensure your privacy with family and friends. You can give your business phone numbers to clients, co-workers and other professionals, while not exposing the personal number. Blocking unwanted callers is also easy. To avoid annoyance, you can block certain individuals for both your professional and business numbers.


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