Fundoku eMag: It’s Sudoku With Added Fun! (Sponsored)

Fundoku eMag: It’s Sudoku With Added Fun! (Sponsored)


Fundoku eMag iPad App Review

When the Sudoku craze hit Britain about ten years ago, I was unashamedly swept up in the hype, flicking straight to the back page of every newspaper that I bought to scribble numbers into the tiny boxes and tear the pages in frustration as I got to the last square to discover that I’d made a mistake along the way. Now I can experience that fun and anger without the shredding of pages as Fundoku eMag brings Sudoku to my iPad.

Fundoku eMag iPad App Review
There are a few prizes up for grabs…

The layout is similar to many of the other Puzzler magazines in that it is easy to navigate as well as being plain and simple to understand. You can download a free taster to test out the eMag before you subscribe to paid magazines, which is a nice touch.

The puzzles have differing levels of difficulty and you can even use a ‘pencil mode’ to jot down possible numbers that will appear in the corner of the square, then switch to ‘pen mode’ to fill it in once you are sure of the right digit. Another funky feature is the ‘duplicate number’ warning flags that appear if a number has already been put in the square or a line; this does wonders for your frustration levels!

Puzzle Fundoku iPad App Review
The ‘pencil mode’ saves you from throwing your iPad against the wall in frustration!

A nice little touch is that each issue features a murder mystery that you can solve by completing the puzzles; it’s these innovative little twists that keep you coming back to this fun iPad magazine.


This eMag is a must-have for any fan of Sudoku; the murder mystery element is a quirky addition that really boosts the gameplay.


  • I love pencil mode – it makes me never want to do a newspaper Sudoku again!
  • It’s fun, accessible and challenging…what more do you want?!

Room For Improvement

I wouldn’t mind the opportunity for a cash prize, like in the other Puzzler eMags…

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