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Burlingame High School iPhone App Review

App Store Description:

Have you ever wanted to participate in a school activity, but you couldn’t because you forgot to come to school prepared? With the all new Burlingame High School app you can stay in touch with the latest BHS activities.


  • Push Notifications-Get notified the morning of an event so you remember to prepare for it.
  • The New BHS bell schedule
  • Simple access to our Facebook page.
  • Quick and easy access to School Loop.
  • Check out photos of different activities going on around the BHS campus.
  • Burlingame B website
  • Take and send your own photos of BHS leadership sponsored events and email them to panthertech@bhsleadership.org to get your photos uploaded to this app.
  • Have easy access to monthly calenders which have dates of all activities going on at Burlingame High School
  • Be able to view the Burlingame leadership website directly from the app.
  • Check out videos of events/ programs that BHS has to offer.
  • Get the latest Spirit Chip competition update.


Note: We haven’t reviewed this app yet. The following description is from the Apple App Store. If you think this app is worth reviewing then please mention in the comments section at the end of this post.


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