Which Are The Most-Fun Apps of 2017?

Which Are The Most-Fun Apps of 2017?


The rise of smartphones and integrated-internet software has enabled users to do all sorts of fun and useful things including: banking, shopping, delivery and even leisurely activities like finding more casinos in your mobile or online gaming. We’ve compiled a list of the most fun and useful android applications of the year so far.

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Keeping one’s privacy is of utmost importance to keeping a secure life. Various institutions are now putting up different surveillances on our personal lives – especially through the gadgets we use. This Android application may be more utilitarian than fun, yet in leading a fun life it’s always important that we protect our privacy including the things we explore on the internet. ExpressVPN is an Android application that helps to keep secure connection and personal data by making a virtual private network that bounces information in scattered networks around the world. This app is known for having large networks in over 70 countries world-wide, including Japan and Taiwan. It also boasts an extremely fast 256-bit encryption built-in for your personal security.


1Weather is one of the most fun and reliable weather apps around. We often experience the uncertainty of weather updates, which is why we need apps like this that go beyond their primary function. 1Weather is characterized by a minimalist approach to interface design which can forecast up to 12 consecutive weeks of the year. It also features a radar and other fun and useful information as well. It’s comprised of highly customizable weather widgets and icons that notify you for important weather updates directly to your phone. There is a free and priced version of this must-have app on the Android Play store.


For the serious listeners of podcasts out there – PocketCast is the answer in getting the best podcast launcher in the Android market. It’s specifically designed for the simple yet modern activity of podcasting and is built with sleek and powerful settings. The app is costs $3.99, it supports a stable build of encoders which can be synchronized seamlessly and features a customizable view of the app including a support for various themes.

Voice Changer Fun

This fun app is geared towards the playful alteration of voice tones and transforms them into famous voice pitches and modes like Batman or even that of a bumblebee. It allows you to record a string of different voices and change it into various fun characters like aliens, robots, vampires and ghosts! After you’ve had your fun, you can then share these funny recordings with friends and family.


Hopper is a wanderlust-friendly app that caters to the checking of airline fares online around the world. This app is a must for people who love travelling, while also taking in consideration their precious time and hard-earned money. It compiles a data of the standard rates for various flights and accommodation around the world so that you can choose what works best for you.


Launched by tech giant, Google Photoscan is an app that helps you to backup physical copies of photographs directly to your Google Photos and the best cloud app for Android users. It uses a high-quality scanning technique that digitizes your photos using your Android camera. It helps you to archive special memories in developed film prints and store it in a cloud profile that offers unlimited storage on the internet.


Unified Remote

For people who frequently misplace their remote controls, this app can be a real life-save, because it syncs into a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based universal remote that enables you to control almost every remote-controlled devices in your household. The app allows you to easily manage channels and settings using a single remote control that can also be used in a range of different modes.

Torque Pro

Torque is an app that diagnoses your car settings and lets you know about relevant bits of information regarding your vehicle. If you’re wondering about the many features of your dashboard, then you can use this app to find out. It’s used with a Bluetooth adapter plugged in your car’s OBD2 port and provides lots of safety information and diagnostic reports regarding your engine. Customization can be done by configuring a personal selection of widgets that reflect the needs of your car and the actions you can do to avoid repairs and other car-related dilemmas.


Basketball has been a pop culture symbol for eons and enjoyed by both young and adult fans alike. The NBA has been central to this wonderful sport and now there’s an application that delivers a Virtual Reality experience for basketball fans out there. It enables the user to watch and observe the match, game highlights and other much more. It’s also equipped with Google’s Daydream headsets to improve the immersive experience.

Battle of Polytopia

Our list would not be complete without a fun and enjoyable game like the Battle of Polytopia. This Android game is a fun take on a simulation-strategy battle game, designed with the sole purpose of expanding and terminating opponents in game play. This mobile-friendly application boasts a unique collection of tribes that are played in order, to score the highest streak possible. Each tribe has different looks and ways of mastering which adds to the fun and excitement of the game.

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