Take Action Now to Promote Your App

Take Action Now to Promote Your App


An app can be a product on its own, which forms the basis of your business, or it can be a bonus feature that your brand offers. You might decide to build an app to offer a way for your customers to easy shop, manage their account with you, or maybe just play a fun game related to your products. When you’ve developed an app, no matter what it’s for, your next task is to get it out there. Marketing your app can be difficult when there are so many other apps already out there. If you already have a customer base, let them know about your new app first. Then do the following things to promote your app.

Get Your App in the Right Marketplaces

The first thing you should do is decide where you’re going to sell your app. Getting it into the right marketplaces is important if you want it to be seen by the right people. Of course, your first consideration is which operating system you built your app for. If it works on iOS, you should add it to the Apple store. If it’s an Android app, the Google Play store is where it needs to be. You need to make sure your app will be accepted by these stores by following the guidelines they have.

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Build a Website for Your App

One way to promote your app outside of an app store is to have a website for it. If you already have a website, you can create a landing page for it. Your website can make it clear what your app is and what it can do for people. You can include a prominent link to buy your app from the relevant marketplace. You don’t need to do anything too fancy or complicated. You can create a simple website with a few pages or even just one page. The aim is to help people find your app and tell them why they need it.

Marketing with Content and SEO

You can use content marketing and SEO techniques to promote your app online. Use your app website or page to get the best keywords into your content. You can write blog posts that relate to what your app does. If you want help promoting your app, hiring an SEO agency can make it easier to reach your audience. They will help you to ensure you use the right keywords in the right places to make it easier for people to find your app. You can use SEO in a number of ways on your website and throughout other channels.

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Advertising in the Right Places

You can also think about the methods of paid advertising that will help you to promote your app. For example, adverts in other apps could be useful for you to get people to buy yours. You might want to use pay per click advertising to promote your app on various websites, in search engine results, or on social media.

Promoting your app to make it profitable takes a lot of work. It’s important to come up with a marketing strategy if you’re looking for success.


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