EaseUS Data Recovery Software have been Updated and offers Even More

EaseUS Data Recovery Software have been Updated and offers Even More


We have written about the file recovery software EaseUS before and we will forever write about it whenever it gets an update. If you’ve never heard of EaseUS then let me give you a run down. It’s one of the best way to recover deleted files, we think that’s available on the market. EaseUS allows you to recover files and data lost from your computer or iPhone. Data lost can occur in a number of ways either by a virus attack, system crash, hard drive failure, accidental deletion and other ways.

EaseUS supports an array of files that can be recovered. The amount of devices is extensive and would be a long list if I start to list them. Just to name a few devices, iPhone, iPod, camcorder, hard drive, USB drive, PC and Mac. You get the idea, just about everyone will be able to use EaseUS software. With three easy steps you have nothing to be stressed about should you find yourself in the situation where you have lost your important files.

Like I mentioned the steps are easy. Download the software. Locate where the data was lost and start searching. You have the option of a quick scan or a deep scan. You can even pause the software if you need to leave your computer. Once you get the scanning results you select what you want to recover and preview it. Click recover and like magic your data is back.

What’s New in the latest Version

  • Add Image Recognizer to filter the found pictures by content.
  • Recover Canon camera video files(.mov) more efficiently.
  • Improved the recovery quality of deleted files on NTFS partition.
  • Support searching folder by name after scanning.
  • Optimized the UI to provide better user experiences.

Have a go and download the software to see what you can recover. You will not be disappointed.


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