Defend Your Magical Land in Lich Defense

Defend Your Magical Land in Lich Defense


Lich Defense iPhone App Review

The App Store is packed with TD games; let’s see how Lich Defense fairs against some of my favourites.

TD games don’t need to be over complicated to be addictive. Sure, you want a little variety, some interesting elements, and you don’t want it to be too easy either, but at its essence all you really want to do is build up your defences and kill some baddies.

Lich Defense seems like it has taken some of the good elements from the masters. It has the Lich for a start – a guardian that stands at the end of the path, ready to help out the towers when needed. Reminiscent of the Commander in the Sentinel series, the Lich is upgradable and can be equipped with a variety of things, including spells and robes to offer increased MP or power.

In keeping with a true Tower Defense, the towers fall into the usual ‘rockets and weapons’ and ‘magical’ groups. In the same way that Kingdom Rush has creatures that can only be attacked by ‘air’ towers, in Lich Defense you save to make sure you have a mixture of towers to make sure the bad guys don’t get through.


  • Lots of upgrades for the Lich.
  • Lots of towers to unlock.


  • It feels like the whole game needs a little tune up, from the graphics to the navigation.
  • The screen can feel a little crowded, and the shop can be overwhelming at times.
  • Once a level is compete it seems you can replay it.

Although this game has all the elements of a great TD, I feel the execution of it all lets it down slightly. Nevertheless, I’ll be looking out for updates and new titles from this developer as there is definitely potential.


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