5 iPhone Apps for SEO and Online Media Professionals

5 iPhone Apps for SEO and Online Media Professionals


Elite SEM Calculator iPhone App Review

When Google announced Panda updates that affected almost 12% percent of search, some people thought that traditional web optimization is dead now on. However, instead of fading away, the optimization field got more diversified. New terms like ‘online presence management’ and ‘reputation management’ were also coined, yet the principle philosophy behind all of them is same: to ensure maximum visibility of your site in search engines and maximizing positive exposure. Another important element that played important role in changing how things are done is advancements in technology. Smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile applications and SEO platforms like SearchEnabler are reshaping lives and businesses today.

In this regard, professional optimizers encourage the usage of the latest technological solutions for the better results in search engines. Today many of us we have become mobile workers and can perform our routine tasks whilst out and about. Mobile apps have proved to be a blessing for modern ay professionals. We have listed 5 iPhone apps that can help you manage various dimensions of your search business.

1: TweetDeckTweetDeck - TweetDeck, Inc

Tweet Deck was introduced as a dashboard for management of twitter accounts. It is indeed the most popular twitter application (after the official twitter website) with around 30% of the market share. It is compatible with various operating platforms including windows, Android and iOS etc. You can have it on almost all popular web browsers. This is a FREE iPhone and desktop app that allows you to post your tweet, reply, RT, favorite, send direct messages, follow/unfollow and shorten the URL while managing multiple accounts.

Tweetdeck iphone app review

2: SiteCatalystSiteCatalyst - Omniture, Inc.

This free app works like a mirror of your website, helping you analyze the traffic of your website, its most popular pages, frequencies of visit, sources and a lot more. In short, it is like an alternative of Google Analytics on your iPhone.

Site Catalyst iPhone App Review

3: Elite SEMSEM Calculator 2.0 - Elite SEM inc

This app can be very valuable in managing your search engine marketing campaigns. Elite SEM uses various calculations to give you an accurate analysis of your website, whilst keeping a match with leading search engines. You can manage your SEO campaigns, CPM, CPA, emails campaigns as well as analyzing the investment and impressions that you receive.

Elite SEM iPhone App Review

4: Analytics AppAnalytics App - Inblosam LLC

Analytics app is the most comprehensive, vibrant and handy tool when regarding analytics. If you like to access your Google Analytics data on your cellular device, this app is the best choice available. Looking at the screenshots available on iTunes, you can see the various functionalities that it provides. From working on keywords and referring sources to the length of users’ visits and goal completions, you can use Analytics App for a plethora of very useful tasks. You can this app for just $6.99.

Analytics App for iPhone

5: StoryTrackerStory Tracker - a submission tracking tool for writers - Andrew Nicolle

If you are a writer, tracking your content is a very important task; StoryTracker is a very helpful app for web writers to track their published work. Your stories, novels, submitted articles, etc. can be easily traced by using this app. You can get it for your iPhone/iPad from iTunes for just $7.99.

Story Tracker iPhone App Review


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