Ctrip: The Most Secure Trip You’ll Ever See

Ctrip: The Most Secure Trip You’ll Ever See



We all know that navigating airports is an absolute nightmare. But what’s worse than navigating an airport? Navigating a foreign airport. Or, more applicably, attempting to navigate a foreign airport. It is rare in life that us humans get truly bewildered by our surroundings, but believe me, a strange airport and a time limit can easily lead to a nervous breakdown in mere minutes. The clever developers (clevelopers? No? No one?) know this and have thus attempted to break the spell, by introducing their app, Ctrip, which is your handy pocket guide to your trip far out east. Even better, it’s available right now from the App Store.

Billed as Asia’s leading online travel agent, Ctrip exists to help your visit to the world’s largest continent go as smoothly as possible. It has a dazzling array of features, all laid out in an easy and accessible manner, where all the info you could possibly need is right at your fingertips. Cramming this much information into one app is a delicate balancing act; if you’re not careful, things can get out of hand and the whole affair can become to complicated. Luckily for us, Ctrip gets it just right; the system is intuitive and smartly designed without being intrusive or overwhelming.

Which is some feat when you consider what’s on offer here. You can pretty much achieve anything related to travel with this thing. The stats alone speak for themselves; the app currently boasts over 250 million members, 30 million real user reviews, not to mention covering 800,000 hotels and 2 million flight routes in 200 countries. Wow. The app will find you the cheapest flights with the best and most convenient routes, and then show you all the options for hotels once you get there. You can even find hotels for a specific night, and the ever-friendly app will show you nearby options with available deals.

But the convenience doesn’t end there. One of the most useful features is that the app can sync with your iPhone, letting you correlate your plans with your calendar, save bookings to photos etc. It all fits seamlessly into your smartphone without being intrusive. Ctrip is really a remarkable app which anyone who’s going abroad to Asia, specifically China, would do well to check out. And once you start using it, you’ll probably get home and find yourself immediately going back to check for cheap flights and hotels for another imminent trip. That’s if you had a good time of course. The app doesn’t claim it can ensure that. But it goes a damn long way to helping.

Start planning your route at the App Store today!


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