Can’t Live Without Them: Why Our Cell Phones Are Awesome

Can’t Live Without Them: Why Our Cell Phones Are Awesome


All the reasons why our phones are awesome!

Social Networking

Social networking is any type of online platform around the world that allows us to talk to each other, stay connected, and get notified to let you know about events and activities going on in your areas. The most well-known sites are things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Not only are these great ways to stay up to date with your friends, but they also make an excellent platform to advertise. From huge businesses, to solo entrepreneurs.


Phones aren’t just to talk to someone anymore, the quality of the camera is improving every year. It is said that teenagers and young adults use their cameras every day, compared to people over 50 who use it once or twice a week. Since the whole ‘selfie’ trend came out, people just can’t get enough. Everyone wants to have the most followers on Instagram!


Phones are our portable music players, with everything else you need in one! Do you remember when we used to have portable cd players? We thought we were so cool walking around with one of them, though if someone had one out now – people probably wouldn’t even know what it is. Look how fast technically has grown already!

Watch Videos Online

People watch videos on their phones on a daily basis; it’s hard not to really! Whether you’re on social media or just browsing through the internet, there are videos everywhere! This is how people communicate to one another now, if you can’t be bothered to write up a message, you can just make a video instead. Snapchat for example, is a social networking app that consists of sending each other photos and videos of whatever you’re getting up to. Whether that may be getting ready to go out to a super hot party, all the way down to picking up your dog poop!

Easy To Fix

Whether you’ve smashed your screen, broke the mic of blocked your phone, there are always ways to fix it! Cell phone repairs happen everywhere on a daily basis, so people don’t seem to bat an eyelid if they drop their phone anymore. They know that someone can come and fix it. Plus most people take out contracts for their phone, so if ever it did break and can’t be fixed, you’ll be sent a replacement!


An app, short for Applications, these can be downloaded onto your phone. It is a self contained program that is designed to fill a particular purpose. Such as games, social media, documents, and much more.

Messages & Calls

Everyone know about this feature. Years ago when we were back to basics, all we could do with our phones were make calls and message. You were extra awesome if you had a phone that could send MMS (picture messages.) But nowadays there are so many things to do on your phone that we barely even use what it was originally made for anymore!


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