Aura Photo Editor: Add Unique Filters and Striking Text your Photos

Aura Photo Editor: Add Unique Filters and Striking Text your Photos


I know what you’re thinking.  There are already loads  of other photo editing apps available in the App Store; why do I need another one?  Well, I thought the same until I explored this free new app and now, over the next few hundred words, I hope to change your mind and show you that Aura Photo Editor the app that should be taking up valuable space on your home screen.  Here goes nothing…

This artistic new app from Lis Johannsen allows users to take photos and then enhance them with cool effects and stunning typography. Using the features of Aura, you will be able to give all of your photos that special finishing touch!

Stunning Effects

Browse through the selection of seemingly endless photo effects and filters to achieve your desired appearance. You can choose from the broad selection of classic filters which can be found on many other apps, including Bloom, Gloom and Spot. As well as this, the app has integrated some uniquely designed filter effects which you will not find anywhere else, such as Purplelized and Luster.

Customise Your Photos

Once your photo is ready, and you have applied to desired effects, you can add a frame to give it that extra personal touch. Not only can you select from the bank of frames provided with the app, you can also create your own to ensure that your photo is completely unique!


One Touch Sharing

Sharing has become an integral function of photo apps, and Aura has included a feature which allows its users to share with their friends at the touch of a button. Crop, scale and rotate your image to perfect it, before posting it on your social profiles, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As far as photo editing apps go, this one packs quite a punch. Try it out for free today.

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