Take Charge: Six Non-Traditional Devices that Can Charge Your Smartphone

Take Charge: Six Non-Traditional Devices that Can Charge Your Smartphone



Ever since the smartphone became hugely popular, many inventors have been seeking to eliminate its Achilles’ heel: battery life. Numerous options exist for smartphone users who want to get their batteries charged on the go or in emergencies. The most obvious ones include power banks, which are basically just back up batteries for your smartphone or tablet. There are several creative and unusual charging devices available, created by out-of-the-box thinkers. If you are a bit creative or unusual yourself, you might consider the charging options below.

SLXtreme5 Solar Powered Case


The fact that you can use this device to charge your iPhone’s battery is just one of its benefits. The SLXtreme5 also makes your smartphone waterproof while allowing it to be fully functional. The SLXtreme5 uses a solar panel located on the back of the case to charge its own 2550mAh battery; that battery can be used to charge your iPhone, doubling its life.


HYmini Micro Wind Power Generator


This handheld, generator can harness the power of wind to recharge most smartphones and tablets. The wind is used to charge a power bank inside its casing, which can be connected to your device via a USB cable. It requires a wind speed of at least 9mph and will glow green when it is charging a device. Although finding strong enough wind can be tricky, the concept is pretty amazing.


myFC PowerTrekk

The PowerTrekk is a portable charger that uses water to power your smartphone or tablet. Unlike solar powered chargers, it can be used in low-light conditions. You simply open the charger, pour in some water and insert the myFC “puck” that comes with the device. The water activates a fuel cell that charges the device’s internal 2700mAh battery and will allow you to charge most smartphones and tablets.


Eton BoostTurbine2000


This device uses your own muscle power to get your smartphone charged. You crank the hand turbine to charge the Boostturbine2000’s internal 2000mAh battery, which you can then use to power your smartphone. It connects to devices via a USB cable and features an LED battery charge indicator.


BioLite CampStove


This device converts heat into electricity with a thermoelectric generator. The electricity powers a fan to produce airflow, which improves combustion. The extra energy produced by the generator is sent to a USB port and may be used to charge smartphones and tablets.


Innokin iTaste MVP

The primary function of this device is to power an electronic cigarette. It comes with a 2600mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery that can give electronic cigarette users hours or even days of power. It is also designed for use as a portable power source for smartphones and tablets. It features a USB port into which you can plug a charging cable.


Nothing is more frustrating than having a dead battery and having no access to an outlet, or even having no charger at all. While none of the devices above is recommended as the sole means of recharging your smartphone, they can all be tremendously useful in circumstances where you have no other options. Plus, it’s kind of fun to charge your phone in an unconventional way just because you can. The information for this article was provided by the smartphone experts at Apple Shark where you can sell your iPhone 4 and other models, even if they are broken or damaged.


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