Simply Declare App, Declaring it All to Customs Just Became Easier

Simply Declare App, Declaring it All to Customs Just Became Easier


Travelling season has begun and people are embarking on trips to fun and exotic places. I want to tell you about a fabulous travel app called Simply Declare Travel App, available for all iOS devices in either a paid or free version, to make your life a whole lot easier keeping track of what you can bring home without being subject to duty or taxes.

All countries have spending duty-free limits, put on their travellers when they go to foreign countries, as a simple mechanism to protect their home economies. Where would we be if you could bring back unlimited amounts of hard goods into our own country? Simply Declare Travel App, FREE and Paid Versions, are the only app(s) available which helps you manage your “declarable” travel purchases. It makes life so much easier than having to stress the return trip home wondering what you bought, how much it costs and where are the receipts.

EN iPhone 6

Simply Declare Travel App Free is simple to set up and simple to use. The first step is to set your home currency; and once you have set your home currency you can forget about it as the app will remember it for all your trips. Next, you have to put in the limit you are allowed to bring back or maybe just a spending budget you want to keep yourself on. Check with your countries website to see what your limits; limits can vary because of where you are from, how many days you are gone, and it might even have a restriction as to what you can bring back because of your age.

The app is then ready to help you track what you buy. Emoji buttons make the app easy to use, so just start adding your goods. Simply Declare Travel App Free will even take a picture of your receipt for safekeeping. The app updates in real time currency, and don’t worry about roaming charges because the app will run on a WIFI connection. You’re not limited to only one country, you can hope from country to country and the app will convert all the purchases into your home currency. Why not let the app do quick currency exchange before overspend and may be subject to duty and extra taxes. You don’t have to get caught off guard as to what they cost in your native money. If you go over the set limit the app will tell you that you are over the spending limit you set. Every time you open Simply Declare up the app will tell you on the flash screen how much you have left to splurge on more goodies and souvenirs, and on the top of the items page you will see what the amount you have spend already in your home currency, and when you return home you will be able to fill out those custom declaration papers out easy, peasy. The app(s) produce a list, sorted by date or by item, which can be emailed to your cloud accounts for safekeeping. Whilst sitting waiting on customs you will need to occupy your time and you can pick up some play n go games to keep your cool and not worry about anything that they have to throw at you.

EN iPhone 5-2

Simply Declare is available in the Appstore for only £0.69 or a Free version, supported with minimal ads. The new iOS7 look is also localized into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. Simply Declare has been recognized by many global sites, and many more, so please check out their site at and download today.



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