AppMania Company announces a new 3D game – the “Iron Wars”

AppMania Company announces a new 3D game – the “Iron Wars”


Press Release:

AppMania Company announces a new 3D game – the “Iron Wars” which is supposed to appear in App Store till the end of December 2010.

The Iron Wars, an exciting 3D shooter, is a battle between futuristic iron balls in top-down view and in real time.

The game recreates the atmosphere and dynamics of the best action games. Its colorful graphics and thoughtfully designed gameplay will carry you away into unique world of the Iron Wars and make you want to stay there for some time.

The game enables its users to play with each other via network choosing the single-user campaign consisting of 32 various missions, or play with customized bots on a map of your choice (quick match mode).

The battle of the balls takes place on different arenas: space platform, abandoned mine, forest, cemetery with a vault, etc. The game offers a vast variety of weapons and bonuses from traditional (first-aid kit, armor) to brand new ones (ram).

Don’t you want to be part of this exciting action?

The game features:

– 32-level campaign

– network game via Wi-Fi with up to 4 players per map (Bluetooth and Internet modes in the nearest updates)

– possibility to play online with other iPad and iPhone owners

– customized game with bots

– 8 different maps in 5 settings

– dynamic sounds

– three different game modes (Death Match, Team Death Match, Domination)

– vast variety of weapons and special bonuses on the maps

– score table developed on the direct sharing basis to show just your own and your friends’results.

And the great news for all who love action games is that the game will be available for FREE. Only after you try the game and like it, you will be able to download new maps and new game modes for a token charge ($1-$2). This way you will support us as developers in our undertaking so that very soon we could present updates for you to enjoy.

Take up the challenge and become a participant of the Iron Wars!

Here are some screenshots:

Here is the video:

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