An App(le) For The Teacher?

An App(le) For The Teacher?


One of the field that app technology is having the biggest effect in is education. In fact, it is pretty much revolutionizing the field from the ground up. So if you are a student or a member of staff don’t let the techno revolution pass you buy and make sure you have downloaded the followings that can help you with your day and your learning.

Kindle App

Having a newsreader is essential for any educator these days, and not just so you can catch up with the latest Stephen King bestseller in the staff room at break time.

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Staying up to date with the latest educational theory and research in your field is vitally important to being a good teacher. In fact, it’s these new ideas that inform your practice and keep it fresh and new no longer how many years you have been teaching.,

Being able to access them through an e-reader on your phone, not only help to keep them all in one place but makes it easy to access the info you need wherever you are.


One of the constant challenges in teaching is having enough time to stay organized as well as devise creative tasks for the kids to do. But there is one app, in particular that you can use to help you get side your organization time, and leave you more to do all of the other 600 jobs you have on your teaching to do list.


This app is Evernote, which is a fantastic note taking system that combines the ability to type, store images and write within each notebook. You can also use it as a great a quick way to plan out lessons by using the web clipper to embed particular new activities and annotating how the rest of the tasks within around them.


Also don’t forget the very simple, but also essential timetable and scheduling apps like Class Timetable and Calengoo. Yes, they are basic but how much detail do you really need in something that is just telling you where you need to be?

Super helpful is you are teaching at a big campus like the one at Maryville University. Or even if it’s you the is the one that is studying and looking to advance your career with on online a topic like inclusion, or higher education management course. At least with a scheduling app you will never miss a webinar or online tutorial again!

Formative Feedback

Instead of trying to get your student to put their phones away, why not work the flow and get them to use their mobiles to be more interactive with the learning that they are working on.

For example through apps Traffic Light, you can get the lid to easily show whether they understand something well (green), OK (yellow) or not at all (red). By showing where they are with their learning objective, you know what you need to repeat, or explain it in a different way ensuring their are not gaps in their learning.



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