5 Awesome Apple TV Apps for 2017

5 Awesome Apple TV Apps for 2017


Apple started paying more attention to its Apple TV in 2012, when it finally came up with a product to sell. However, it wasn’t such a big of a deal. Many people didn’t even realize that the tech giant had developed a TV. Following Chromecast, the interest in streaming media skyrocketed. Since people’s viewing habits started to alter, Apple made the decision to redesign their TV completely. They also repurposed the tool and came up with another product in 2015. Many things have changed, and right now, in 2017, we have some pretty cool apps for the Apple TV we should definitely check out.


CheapCharts is a very interesting app everyone should use on their Apple TV. It allows users to assess price variations for media in the App store and iTunes. The app covered everything from movies, shows, books, apps, music, and more. Also, you can check price history and receive alerts for products that might go on sale. If you’re an avid media lover with a thing for buying stuff online, CheapCharts is a must-have.  

Carrot Weather

A very cheeky app that tells you the weather; but it does it in a very fun, and interesting way. Forget all about classic, boring design. Carrot Weather makes fun of you, and to some degree, it might make your day just a little better. Powered by Dark Sky, the app is funny as hell. “It’s a wonderful day today! Be serious, I’m just messing with you. It’s pouring outside!” On Apple’s new TV, Carrot Weather is very similar to watching a super funny weather channel. It looks amazing – very sleek and minimalistic design.


Netflix on the Apple TV is a must-have. It’s not a matter of trend, but a matter of necessity. Everyone is used to the app on different channels; but on a TV it just shines – especially if that TV is Apple. Netflix is free of charge on iOS, and it can be used to enjoy your favorite movies and shows in the living room. Use the remote voice control system to make viewing even better. How many times you’ve missed Game of Thrones? A lot, right? Well now you have Netflix to keep you in the loop. And since the Apple TV is enormous, your favorite show can be enjoyed beautifully.


Plex is a media server software that assists users in organizing photos, movies, music, and additional media files across all your smart devices. Plex allows you to stream everything you want to any type of device linked to your broadband internet connection. It’s a very user-friendly media server solution, and on the Apple TV is works impeccably. Now you can keep everything organized, and easy to access from anywhere at any time with the Plex Cloud. Forget all about storing movies, music, and shows on a laptop or computer. Let the Apple TV be your organizer with Plex. Enjoy media on a larger screen and keep your portfolio as diverse and as interesting as possible.


There’s literally no doubt: TV and sports are a match made in heaven. For everyone owning an Apple TV, WatchESPN is a must-have. The app enhances your viewing, and based on your TV provider, you can even get 24/7 live streaming feeds from the many ESPN networks. We love the app because it’s easy to use and current. We all love TV, but we don’t want to watch the boring stuff. We want to see matches live, no matter the time and date. Video highlights and game replays are also included in the perks of WatchESPN.  Whatever sport you want to see, this app has is thus making it ones of the coolest of 2017.

Apple’s TV didn’t appeal to people’s senses back in 2012. But that’s because we didn’t have live streaming and media streaming on TVs without connecting a computer via a cable. The whole idea of a smart TV is to “read your mind”. Basically, apps get smarter the more you use them. Soon enough Netflix will begin recommending you movies, whereas Plex might advise you how to keep folders even more organized.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a writer and blogger. He writes for smiletutor who is a reliable home tution agency in Singapore. He also loves to swim and read books in his leisure time.