5 Reasons Animation is a Good Career Option

5 Reasons Animation is a Good Career Option


Animations are now booming like never before. It is considered to be one of the most demanding careers in the entertainment industry. The reasons for its rapid growing rate are obvious. The use of animation is on an increase and it is being used now not just in movies but other industries as well.

Animation is considered one of the fastest growing fields out there, and the reasons are for all to see.

Animation is not only confined to the entertainment industry, but it has also taken a corporate turn. Animations are now being widely used in advertisements and services to sell products to customers. Both smaller and bigger brands are using animations to advertise their products and this has revolutionized the way to conduct business.

If you are still not convinced then here are 5 reasons why animation is a good career option:

Growing Field

It’s a growing field and in high-demand. Not one but many big industries want to hire animators to work for them. These industries include medicine industry, law industry, film industry, architecture industry etc. The sky’s the limit for animators.

Career in animation is growing strong and will continue to get stronger because the future depends on it. When we talk about animations, you aren’t only going to work in the movie industry. Animations are used everywhere, in all kind of businesses. This means your horizon is huge when you step out to get a job. New studios like Spiel are opening around the world giving people opportunities to get started.

Showcase Your Talent on A Global Scale

A person working as an animator isn’t restricted to a local audience. You will get a chance to connect globally and on a much larger scale depending on your level of expertise.

Multinational companies tend to advertise their products all around the world, which means your work will be seen everywhere. Plus, movies are also shown globally so if you get to work on such a project you are bound to get acknowledged.

Easy To Learn

It is often miscommunicated to people that learning animation is like winning the entire world. In fact, learning animation is very easy. All you need to have is a computer and a stable internet connection. You can subscribe to premium courses on animation learning and practice your way towards the top. There are also tones of free courses available all over YouTube that can help you become an animator. However, the most important thing here is how dedicated and hardworking you are because you will need to put in hard work to excel as an animator.

Good Pay

Students are often confused about picking careers on the basis of the pay scale a field will offer. Choosing animation as a career will relieve you from this thought because there is a lot of money in this field.

The average pay is $60,000 and you get to earn more as you gain more experience. Some big industries are paying $90,000 on an average.


  1. This article has been really helpful for me. I’d been seeing a lot of online stuff complaining about the animation industry, pushing me farther away from a fantastic job. Thank you for helping me figure out what exactly I want to do in college and after.


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