4 Apps That Every Driver Needs On Their Smartphone

4 Apps That Every Driver Needs On Their Smartphone


Apps are here to improve every facet of our life, and it comes as no surprise that they routinely do make things easier. There’s a lot of smart people out there, and they’re all focused on creating apps that make the rush of our daily lives simpler. One part of average folks’ daily routines is driving, which can sometimes be an absolute nightmare for various reasons. Even when you want to stop driving and park (don’t worry, there’s an app for that too), things can still go wrong and frustrate even the most zen of drivers. With that in mind, here are four apps to ease any four-wheeled commute!

1 – This one won’t be of much use to the driver (and we really don’t recommend it) but it might keep a noisy passenger or two content in the back. Amazon Prime is available for smartphones and tablets, and lets you watch a whole library of films and TV shows, all at the touch of a button.

2 – HERE WeGo makes use of one of the most convenient inventions of recent times; GPS. No more fondling with atlases and whatnot, know you can know where you’re going from your phone, and you can even have a disembodied voice call personally direct you to your end point. HERE WeGo is one of the best navigation apps in the business, and will prove a valuable ally in the face of an unknown destination.

3 – YourParkingSpace aims to fix the nightmarish time loop of searching for somewhere to park. It clouds any potential journey with anxiety; you can never be sure if a space will be free. Well, fear no longer, because YourParkingSpace lets you find and book parking spaces anywhere in the U.K., with over 250,000 spaces available over all the major towns and cities. Ditch the stress and head where you want to go with peace of mind. Download on the App Store here. Get it on Google Play here.

4 – An even more dreaded situation than not being able to find parking is running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. It haunts every driver at some point in their driving career. Keep an eye on your petrol with Gas Tracker, which tells you not only how much fuel you’ve used, but how your particular driving style effects your fuel consumption. And you can track as many of your cars as you like in the one app!


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