4 Apps To Help You Kill Time

4 Apps To Help You Kill Time


Being bored is the worst. Without having anything fun to do, you might feel like time is just dragging by. Luckily, as long as you have your smartphone with you, you never have to feel bored ever again! Here are some ideas for apps that will keep your brain occupied any time you need it.

  1. Grande Vegas Casino

It’s cool when apps can distract you from being bored, but it’s even better when they can actually let you earn money too! The Grande Vegas Casino download allows you to play insanely fun games like slots and video poker to help you win big. With hundreds of games to choose from and new games being added every month, there will always be something fun and exciting to do when you hit up the app. They even offer a welcome bonus just for playing. If your bank account is hurting (and you’re feeling lucky!), download this app for some instant money-making opportunities.

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  1. Instagram

Instagram can keep you busy no matter where you are. You can follow all your friends for constant updates on their lives, as well as accounts from celebrities and sports stars to show you how the other half lives. Insta is ideal for anyone that wants to kill time, but doesn’t want to think too hard. Plus, since you can follow accounts surrounding topics that interest you, your feed is always tailored exactly to your preferences. With everything from new recipes to red carpet fashion, there’s always something new to check out. Just scroll through the pics on your feed, and you’ll watch the time melt away.

  1. Words with Friends

Want to work your brain a little while you wait? Stimulate your skills with a game of Scrabble with the Words with Friends app. The app lets you choose to start a game with your friends or with a worthy opponent you don’t know. Then use your wordplay expertise to school whoever you’re playing!

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  1. Duolingo

If you need another way to actually be productive while staving off boredom, download the DuoLingo app for your phone. The app allows you to master a new language with fun vocabulary tests and practice conversations. With over 20 languages to choose from, you can build your linguistic skills in no time! Plus, with the ability to track your progress, you’ll find that being bored can actually end up making you a smarter person.

Don’t spend one more minute staring off into space. Download these apps to keep boredom away!


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