3 Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps To Install Before You Lose Your...

3 Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps To Install Before You Lose Your Mobile Phone


If you have previously lost your phone and tracker apps Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager did not prove very helpful, you are probably wondering if there are any other apps that you could install before losing your phone again.

Thankfully, there are various such tracker apps on both Android and iOS that you can install right away for free. My advice on mobile phone tracker apps is the following.


Lookout – The simple way to locate and secure your phone

The free version of Lookout offers more substantial features than plenty of other paid services. On both Android and iOS, Lookout can help you find your phone by mapping its location on a map at various intervals, including when its battery is getting low.

Lookout is one of the most consistently updated apps of its kind. For instance, the latest Android update added a feature that lets Lookout automatically check your Wi-Fi connections to make sure they are secure.

On top of that, you will be able to perform some basic actions like backing up your contacts and sounding an alarm if you think that the phone is near but you cannot see it. Finally, Lookout will frequently produce reports about the security status of your device and point out vulnerabilities due to breaches, outdated software, and suspicious activity.

(iOS, Android)

Norton Mobile Security – The most trusted anti-virus and location-tracking service

An anti-virus and anti-theft suite rolled up into a single offering, Norton has brought its expertise from the PC market onto the mobile industry. If you ever lose your phone with Norton installed, you will be able to view an accurate location on a live map and receive an alert with a location status when the battery gets low.

Moreover, you will be able to remotely lock the device on the spot or choose to lock it in case the SIM card is removed, making it useless for thieves. Other apps will simply send you an alert when this happens but Norton will actually actively make it harder for thieves to do anything with your phone.

The only negative point is that only Android users seem able to use the basic features for free whereas iPhone users will only have access to a 30-day trial before having to purchase a subscription.

(iOS, Android)

Prey – The ideal (and free) anti-theft solution

One of the most comprehensive apps of its kind, Prey is quite possibly the best free solution any mobile user could ask for. Prey claims to be able to track your phone more accurately than any other service down to the very building it is located in.

This claim seems to be based on the fact that Prey uses a tracking system similar to the one employed by Google and Apple for their own services, using a combination of GPS, cell phone towers, and nearby Wi-Fi networks in order to pinpoint the location of your device.

That fact, combined with an array of features like geofences, the ability to silently take pictures from the front and back cameras, and an instant-camouflage option, Prey is possibly the only anti-theft app you will ever need.

(iOS, Android)