Travel Interpreter: Handy Multilingual Phrase Book Includes 3 Free Codes below

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Travel Interpreter iPad App Review

Pros: This travel interpreter app is a must have for any travellers, as it translates English words and phrases into 29 languages. Users must first download each language separately, before beginning to use the translator functions. The app contains a clear layout, which is easy to navigate. The useful phrases available are separated into relevant categories, making it quick and easy to access the information needed. A great feature of the app includes the translations being spoken by native speakers, making it ideal to learn a language and speak in the correct accent. The app also works without the need for Internet connection, which is perfect for travel use. This is a Universal app that would appeal to a wide audience. It can meet the needs of many common travel phrases, such as hotel bookings, greeting people and restaurant questions. Illustrations are also provided next to each phrase, making it very visual and clear to find what you are looking for. The integrated search function is also a useful addition to the app, aiding users to find what they need quickly.

Cons: Users may be deterred by the price of the app, especially if they only need a translation for one or two languages. Therefore, this app may be better suited for those users requiring multiple language translations.

Luckily, there are 3 free codes included below, so crab them while you can!

3 Free Codes:

  • H97XRPW4NLM4
  • J3NF6YWA46E4
  • T6NE36AXN3WK
Travel Interpreter - Multilingual Phrase Book - Jourist Verlags GmbH
Developer:: Jourist Verlags GmbH
Released: Aug 06, 2012
Price: $4.99
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