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peppersports for sports gambling

With Peppersports, you’ll be in the know about the latest odds and averages.

Did you have a feeling that Houston were going to trounce Colorado in the playoffs but you couldn’t find out whether the odds were good enough to lay a bet down on it?  Well, never lose out on a betting opportunity again with the brand new Peppersports app sends all of the information you will need directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, all for free!

follow your favorite team peppersports

No matter which team you back, this spicy little app will give you all of the inside info!

Peppersports is a really useful little app that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your iDevice but brings a lot of useful information to its screen.  Whether you’re an American Football fan, really into basketball, a baseball junkie or a hockey fanatic, you can scroll down Peppersports’ home screen and select your game from the simple boxes that say the home and away teams’ names, where they’re playing and which league that they are in, for example, ‘NFL Pre: Chicago @ Giants’.  Tapping the box leads to more detailed analysis about the kickoff time, starting pitcher and their averages (for MLB), predicted weather, trends and average odds for both teams and most importantly a personal Peppersports prediction for who they think will cover the spread!  The app also promises that Guest Handicappers will be able to weigh in with their suggestions soon, which will make predicting the odds a whole new, well, ball game!

The functionality of the app is really simple and smooth, with little to go wrong and no evidence of crashing.  It would be great if you could see more games for the rest of the week other than just today’s, however, with the way that handicapping and bet predictions work, this may be pretty useless as the odds can change right up until the starting whistle.


All in all, this is a really handy little app for anyone with even the slightest interest in sports betting; the fact that you can carry all of the relevant information in your hand right up to the bookies is undoubtedly useful, not to mention very cool and will definitely give you an edge over those old hacks still garbling into payphones about who the opening team is going to be!  The fact that is free makes it pretty essential for anyone who’s into gambling on sports games or even people who just like to know the starting time of a game…I know that I wouldn’t want to miss a second of my favourite team!


  • Simple layout and easy-to-use functionality
  • Up-to-the-minute updates on odds and betting changes
  • Peppersports covers all the major sports, including other ones not listed in the review

Room for improvement

  • The idea of Guest Handicappers sounds really interesting; perhaps there could be a forum for gamblers to discuss tips?  (Or would this defeat the purpose of a tip?!  If so, just a forum to chat about the games…)
  • Could the sports coverage be extended to British games, like soccer?  There would doubtless be a big market for this in the UK
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Peppersports - Peppersports
Developer:: peppersports
Released: 19 April 2011
Price: FREE
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