Will the gambling industry develop high tech options?

Will the gambling industry develop high tech options?


The gambling industry has, over the years, been seen to evolve in tandem with other technologies to attract players. With people leaning towards online gaming in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, land-based casinos have, so far, been overtaken by online gambling sites. Here, we discuss the tech innovations and trends that have redefined the online gambling scene and made it so popular. 

Casino Innovations

Three major next-generation technologies are affecting the online gaming industry. These have made gambling safe, convenient and easy. They include:

FanAppic - horse racing technology

Mobile Technology

The largest number of global gamers now uses smartphones to gamble since most land-based casinos remain closed to encourage social distancing. The adoption has been accelerated by the rising purchases of tablets and smartphones and the advanced 4G/5G internet connectivity. As such, the online casino industry has responded by creating more games targeting smartphone-users in the form of gambling apps. Through these apps, gamblers can place bets anytime, anywhere.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Many large entrepreneurs have invested in the VR and AR technologies, innovations that have not taken too long to suffice in the gaming industry. VR and AR technologies involving video gaming have been introduced in the gaming industry. While these innovations are still in the experimentation phase, they have become popular among players looking to experience intense feelings associated with table games such as clubhouse and blackjack. With augmented reality, punters can get a 360-degree experience with an excellent blend of video graphics and real-life interactions.

Blockchain Technology

When completing payments, the online gaming platform depends on trust. The information of players is also a critical aspect for gaming sites, and that too has to be protected. Blockchain has made it possible to transact payments anonymously and automates the release of funds whenever players win. This technology has also made it possible to protect player information from hackers. Before the introduction of this technology, the only way transactions could be made was through direct bank transfers and debit cards, which were slow and included transaction costs. With blockchain technology, online operators can offer punters fast transactions through cryptocurrencies and high withdrawal/deposit limits. 

Facial Recognition and Smart Camera Safety Systems

This technology has altered the safety of the punters. In the casino industry, crime has been a major concern, an issue that puts players and the staff in danger. The land-based casinos now use the facial recognition scanners to catch troublemakers. High-end tech prevents counterfeit chips and card switching. 

2020 Trends

Technological advancements have largely revolutionized every economic sector in 2020, and the gambling industry has not been left out. Here are some of the trends taking the gaming sector by storm. 

Predictive Analytics

Today, casinos are compiling data that allow them to monitor the behavior of gamers. Predictive analytics is a technological trend that is allowing for accurate predictions to determine what customers need. This information is what is making it possible for casinos to tweak games to offer punters the gambling experience they are looking for. With this trend, customers can receive customized recommendations and notifications of new features, promotions and bonuses related to their favorite games. 

3D Animation

This is a trend that is elevating standard games to higher levels. The gaming experience for games such as blackjack and poker is now more cinematic. It means better graphics quality and audio experience. 

Technology has dramatically intensified the entertainment industry, making gaming more exciting and convenient. It means that you no longer have to go to your local gaming club to feel a realistic experience. Since the current Covid pandemic is not going away anytime soon, you can expect to see more technologies that incorporate the social aspect.


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