WeDo Need Another Planner App!

WeDo Need Another Planner App!


If there’s one thing that the app market isn’t short of, it’s planner apps, however that doesn’t mean that we’re not in need of more. Modern living these days requires an elaborate balancing act to ensure that your meeting all that’s required of you in terms of: work, love, family, friends, health and personal fulfilment. It’s no wonder that planning apps are so popular as it would take a veritable superman/wonder woman to be able to keep ‘all the plates spinning’ without a little help. WeDo is the app industry’s latest iteration of an all encompassing planning app and it’s already amassing a huge fanbase. Why’s this one so different from the rest? Read on to find out!

WeDo is available to download – free – for both iOS and android users alike. It’s major selling point is the socially collaborative planning and scheduling aspects which are offered to users completely free of charge; unlike its competitors which usually add on premium fees to unlock such sophisticated (and handy) features.

Simple to-do-lists are definitely handy to keep whatever it is that you’re doing in check, but it’s usually the bigger tasks or events in life, that include more than just yourself which require extensive planning. Being able to include other people on your to-do-lists for grocery shopping, holiday planning or project management will boost both your personal and professional organisation and efficiency whilst reducing idle time, procrastination, stress and even anxiety.

WeDo has a sleek and easy to use interface which makes navigating the apps’ many features a breeze. Speaking of features, with WeDo you’ll be able to: make sure you’re keeping on top of your new healthy habits, add/track/complete your to dos with one quick swoop, set reminder and due dates to keep yourself and others in your group on top of everything that needs to be done, create repetitive tasks that come up often (walk the dog, take a five minute break, drink water etc.), set subtasks for larger tasks that need to be broken down, add notes and attachments to your to dos and separate family, friends and coworkers into ‘Groups’ so there’s no way to mix up streams.

Although WeDo is free to download as comes with loads of awesome features, their is the option of registering for WeDo pro which will unlock even more enhanced features that will help you to manage your life. Subscriptions start form $2.99/month or $17.99 for the whole year. Payments will be automatically taken from your account unless you cancel the direct debit yourself.

So, if you feel like you could use a little calm amongst your social storm then get organised by downloading WeDo on the App Store or Google Play today!


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