Wargaming has finally released World of Tanks Blitz on Android

Wargaming has finally released World of Tanks Blitz on Android



World of Tanks Blitz is the name and blowing up tanks in the game. You’ll be conducting tank warfare in one of ten different areas with over 100 iconic tanks from Great Britain, Germany, United States, and USSR.

Fancy challenging your iOS friends to a tank duel? Not to worry as cross-platform play is available from the get-go. Try not to get too upset if they’re a lot better than you thought – they’ve had a six-month head start.

The game is designed with brief games in mind, so don’t hesitate to whip out your phone during a bus journey for a quick tank battle. This is just one of many differences between the mobile version and the original PC version and no, this isn’t a port. Blitz has been optimized for mobile gameplay and features a visual overhaul as well as excellent touchscreen controls.

The game is entirely free to download but this isn’t your typical free-to-play mobile game. There are no purchasable items that give you a distinct advantage over your opponent here. Wargaming wants to keep it fair and give you the option to be a paying or non-paying player but still remain competitive.

Updates and graphics enhancements are inbound, which is impressive given that the game already looks so great and has so much to offer. Real life physics, detailed tutorials, and a hefty bunch of in-game achievements will keep you busy in the meantime. One other game that keeps you busy avalon slots. You can kill time on the train and the bus journey to work.

The game is available now from Google Play [download] and the App Store [download].



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