Trade with Anyoption and Increase your Capital

Trade with Anyoption and Increase your Capital


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Nicosia, Cyprus based anyoption is a leading online broker, offering a broad range of asset classes for trading. In fact, anyoption is a pioneer in online trading of almost 200 different asset classes, though it is better known for binary options trading. Therefore, users of this broker’s platform can trade in forex, stocks, indices, commodities, etc., across the world. This broker also has anyoption app for mobile devices. Actually, traders can now trade from anywhere.

Why Binary Options?

Binary options are simple trades. The trader defines which direction the price of any selected asset will move, by how much, and by when. If the anticipated price is reached, then the trader earns profits. Otherwise, there is some loss. The trader pays a nominal fee for such call, put, or other contracts. Losses in options are lower when compared to losses in conventional trades.

Why you should opt for anyoption?

– There are so many reasons for choosing anyoption android app:

– Anyoption has trades with varying expiry terms. Therefore, the user can trade depending upon the time available.

– This platform is designed to help the user increase his or her capital. This is the reason it does not offer ultra-short trade options.

– Anyoption trading system is professionally managed;

– One of the tools on this platform, i.e., Binary 0-100 allows the user to define how much risk he or she is willing to take for getting the desired reward. This can be risky but it can be extremely profitable as well;

– Conventional options such as put and call are available;

– In addition to traditional options, the broker also offers some customized trades and one-touch options;

– Payment and withdrawal methods are secure;

– Offers real-time stock price or asset price movement charts;

– The interface is easy and user-friendly;

– In case the investor loses the monies, 25 percent of such loss is returned;

– Profit from trading with this broker can range anywhere between 70 percent and 380 percent. The time taken to earn such profit may be five minutes or a few months.

– The platform is regulated and certified by several well-known regulators such as FCA or Financial Conduct Authority and BaFin which is German

– Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

– The platform includes both technical and fundamental analysis. Also, it offers forecasts, and access to charts and TV online;

– The platform also provides trading strategies and such trading tips are available in video format.

– Trading with anyoption includes a tutorial or academy for teaching beginners how to trade in Binary options markets, and how to earn money from such markets.


AnyOption was one of the first brokerage businesses to establish an international online trading platform. Today, people from all over the world can use this platform to increase their wealth. However, as of now, this platform is not available to traders in the US. The stocks traded on this platform are the blue chip stocks such as Google, McDonalds, Apple, and Microsoft. Users have to pay some deposit to trade on this platform. But the returns from businesses here are often more than such deposit. So far, this broker has been prompt in payments, though it does collect a small fee for withdrawals. The version of anyoption is compatible with Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play. Anyoption is also available for iPhone devices and that can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.