Top iPad Apps for IT workers

Top iPad Apps for IT workers


iPadIf you’re in the IT industry, you’ll know already that the iPad allows you to do a lot more than pose in Starbucks or watch Game of Thrones on the train.  The iPad is hip for a reason: it’s a solid piece of tech, and with the right apps, it can be just as good for work as for play.  There are millions of apps in the AppStore, but here are a few of my favorite to get you started using your iPad like a computer, rather than a portable Facebook.

1.       LogMeIn

My personal favourite, LogMeIn lets you access your PC or Mac wherever you are.  Turning your iPad into a portable interface for your computer doesn’t really need an explanation to state how useful it is.  It is however especially handy for allowing you to save and transfer data between your devices.

2.       Winadmin

Now you’ve got your own computer sorted, Winadmin lets you get into everyone else’s.  This app allows you to interact with any Windows computer through the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  Great for a quick fix or for if you can’t get to a client in person.  Best of all, the app allows you to run multiple sessions so you can connect to several computers all at the same time.

3.       Airdisplay

 Double up your screen with Airdisplay and turn your iPad into a second wireless display to either extend or mirror your desktop.  Touch gestures can be used on the iPad to interface with your computer.  It’s especially handy for business purposes as you can have your documents up on your monitor, and all of your office tools just a touch away on the iPad.

4.       AD Helpdesk

This app allows you to securely and remotely access any Windows active directory from your Ipad.  You can manage users, computers, and passwords from wherever you have access to your domain (this may require a Virtual Private Network).  Basically, it’s an easy way to remotely sort out any AD admin tasks, even if most of it is unlocking passwords.

5.       Netscanner

A super easy to use network scanner in the palm of your hand, Netscanner allows you to perform deep network scans using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  The app provides real-time stats and charts and easy to follow reports, which can then be exported to other devices via e-mail.

6.       Dropbox

A classic for a reason, Dropbox is a simple and dependable syncing tool.  Dropbox allows you to sync files across all of your devices, and is free as long as you don’t need more than 2GB of space.  Although Dropbox is light on features, its ease of use and zero cost make it a must have.

7.       Speedtest

Exactly what it says on the tin, Speedtest evaluates the speed of 3G, Edge and Wi-Fi networks.  Stats can be exported by e-mail, and a global network means accurate results anywhere in the world.

8.       Network Ping Lite

A network testing tool that is responsive and easy to use. Just enter a URL or IP address and watch the progress from your iPad.  You can also enter a subnet range and ping every address simultaneously.   Even handier is that the app allows you to perform a trace route if you don’t get a ping back and you need to locate any issues.

9.       Servercontrol

As the name suggests, this app allows you to control servers.  Primarily used to remotely reboot or shutdown computers, it also allows you manage services.  Primarily for Windows, not all services work on the Mac, but it’s still a very useful app.

10.   Angry Birds

You’ve got to take a break sometime, and those birds aren’t going to calm themselves down.

Hopefully this list will give you a basic starting point for useful IT apps for the iPad.  There are some intimidating and complex, but incredibly, useful apps out there for those in the know and all-round tech geeks.  Unfortunately, they can be quite hard to find in the maze of the app store, so it’s best to check out IT forums to stay on top of new releases, and to make the most of your iPad.

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