Top Five Hottest iPhone Apps For The Month Of March

Top Five Hottest iPhone Apps For The Month Of March


Top Five Hottest iPhone Apps For The Month Of March

While people are busy preparing for the spring break, many folks are also busy looking out for what apps to download on their iPhones; something has to stave away those mid-term blues! These are the top five hottest apps that people went crazy about for the entire month of March.

5: Lifesapps- iCEaid: Could This App Save Your Life? iCEaid First Aid System - Lifesapps Ltd

The first aid advice is provided by the latest edition of the joint manual of the UK’s leading first aid societies (St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross) published by the award winning Dorling Kindersley. It is very handy, it has more than just an A-Z list, and you also get real advice from real professionals!

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4: Pocket Fortune Teller: Your Future In Your Hands Pocket Fortune Teller - MMz Tech

The game starts, nice classical, peaceful music. Not like the creepy music I remember from the fortune teller machines at the amusement parks and arcades. You are given three options; ask me, quotes, and more. Click ask me to ask the question after typing your name. Get your answer, which appears more like a magic 8 ball than the slip of paper that pops out of the real machines. and the best part is, its FREE!!

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3: World Live Cams Pro: View live locations from around the globe! World Live Cams Pro - ODESSA GLOBAL, LLC

For people who would all love to travel around the world and experience new locations and places of interest, this is theperfect app for them. The people behind World Live Cams Pro have developed this incredible app that allows its users to access 4000 live webcams from worldwide locations. 400 of these are in HD quality, which looks impressive on the large iPad Screen. The app only streams real live images and videos from cameras located around the world. Users can see cities, mountains, beaches, restaurants, airports and so much more!

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2: The app discovery platform that Apple should have bought - has been around for a little while now on the web – it’s a platform that monitors trending applications within groups of people to the end of making recommendations of Apps that new users may like. It does it really well, but today it’s found it’s new home in the place that it should have always been – on the iPhone itself.

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1: Telecall: Who Loves Making Free Calls? Telecall - Free calls, Free international calls and Virtual Numbers - Telecall

If you are on Verizon and want to call someone on ATT but do not have unlimited minutes, it’s not night, and it’s not a weekend, then this app MIGHT be useful for you. The app is only useful to dial from iPhone app to iPhone app. Many other programs out there to do this, free too, and much easier to use and do not require an registration process.

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Now, if you are interested to travel back in time and check out what went hot for the month of February, you will find incredible apps you wouldn’t want to miss. Keeping you updated with what’s in, click here and learn more about February’s Top Five Apps.


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