Top Five Hottest Apps May 18 – 25

Top Five Hottest Apps May 18 – 25


Top Five Hottest Apps for the 3rd week of May

Do you reckon that this heat wave that we’re currently enjoying is the start of summer? Whether it’s a genuine inauguration or a false dawn, you can fan yourself with five great apps that have been reviewed on our site this past week. Based on the star ratings that each app earned, these apps seem to be hotter than England’s post-spring and early summer heat. Get to know all five iPhone apps and prepare to be spellbound by their electronic wizardry.

MyCityWay London24 iPhone App Review

5: MyCityWay London24: All eyes on London! MyCityWay London24 - MyCityWay

This app is a must have for anyone planning to visit London and for the locals themselves, due to the app using real-time information and location based guides. There is no need to download separate apps for London eateries, landmarks, shopping, traffic, weather, nightlife or any other separate aspect, as this app has it all! MyCityWay Lonon24 is an incredibly useful and trustworthy tool for anyone living in or visiting London. And the best part of it is that this app is FREE!!

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Puzzler Wordsearch iPhone App Review

4: Puzzler Wordsearch: Find Those Hidden Words! Puzzler Wordsearch - Puzzler Media Ltd

As puzzle apps go, this one is on the easier end of the spectrum with the clues being much simpler to solve than games such as crosswords or Sudoku; however, if you fancy a fun way to kill a few minutes or want to keep a kid entertained for quite a while, Puzzler Wordsearch is perfect. The drag-to-highlight feature makes selecting words easy as pie. You can pause the game in order to try and beat your top time as you nip to the toilet. Some of the words in the puzzle are pretty impressive, so it means that you can build up your vocabulary whilst playing!

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3: Greece: History & Culture – An insight into the Magnificent Greek Beginnings and Heritage Greece: History & Culture - Inverse

The app is presented in an easy to use and clear layout, making it ideal for students, travellers, teachers, history enthusiasts, researchers and fellow Greeks to discover some awe inspiriting historical facts. Users have the option to search by time periods or year and the timeline included is a great feature for viewing mythological figures, events and stories. One of the most useful elements to the app is that no Internet connection is required, making it ideal for use when travelling. This is a knowledgeable and insightful app into the phenomenal history and culture of Greece.

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2: Murder DIEary by iSEEtoon: Dexter Meets iPhone Comic Book! Murder DIEary by iSeeToon - Iseetoon

This app provides its users very intereting slick graphics and a genuinely engaging storyline. it’s a little wonder that Murder DIEary won a special Korea Content Award from the Korean Content Agency in 2011. The drawings are very impressive, albeit in a simple way; the way that the characters can expresses so much just through their eyes are done very well. There are 13 chapters to this saga, which means that you can kill a fair amount of time engrossing yourself in the story.

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1: Trip To Worlds: Travel Journal and Social Connection Combined! Trip To Worlds - RCC Praha s.r.o.

This app could be your perfect travel companion! It acts as a travel journal and social connection app all in one, as it allows users to login via their Facebook account and list their friends according to their country of residence automatically. Users can record and track their travel experiences by writing overviews, uploading picture galleries and trip ratings. These can then be shared via Facebook, allowing family and friends to keep track of wherever users have been or may be in the world. Overall, Trip to Worlds is an easy to use, interactive and colourful app that acts as a useful travel tool.

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And if by any chance you missed out the other apps featured, try checking out the top five hottest apps for the first week of May!



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